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Sport 200

PEDA Motor is Brand Italy. Drive PEDA Motor, Enjoy Italian fashion!

Sport 200 2024 version is racing ATV QUADBIKE of PEDA MOTOR, all-terrain vehicle.

Whether you are an experienced rider looking to up your game or a newcomer ready to take on new challenges, the PEDA ATV Sport 200cc promises an unrivaled experience that will leave you craving more excitement every time you hit the trails.

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The PEDA ATV Sport 200cc represents the pinnacle of off-road performance and exhilaration. Designed with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, this powerful quad is specifically built for those who crave adrenaline-fueled adventures.

Its 200cc engine provides impressive speed and acceleration, effortlessly conquering any terrain it encounters, be it sandy dunes or muddy trails. The ATV’s robust suspension system ensures a smooth ride and offers unparalleled handling capabilities, allowing riders to easily navigate tight corners and rough surfaces.

Equipped with top-of-the-line safety features such as disc brakes and protective bodywork panels, the ATV Sport 200cc guarantees both thrill-seekers and cautious riders unmatched stability and peace of mind. With its sleek design and ergonomic seating position, this extraordinary machine proves that style can coexist with function seamlessly.

[ specification data ]

Engine TypeSilgle cylinder,water cooling
Bore * Stroke72.7*65.2mm
Max. Power17KW or 12.0KW /5500rpm (EEC limit)
Max. Torque24.5Nm or 21Nm /5500rpm (EEC limit)
Fuel SupplyCarburetor
TranmsissionCVT Automatic
Compression Ratio10.0:1
GearHigh, Low, Neutral, Reverse
Dimension & Chassis
Min.Ground Clearance220mm
Net Weight290kg
Fuel Capacity14L
Max. Speed57km/h (EEC limit)
Brake(Front) Disc, (Rear) Disc
SuspensionFront double A arm
RimMetal steel
Front TireAT24*8-10 
Rear TireAT24*10-10
DashaboardBig screen, LED
LightFront: LED, Rear: LED
HandguardStandard equipped
Seat Back RestStandard equipped
Front Metal pipeStandard equipped
Rear Metal PipeStandard equipped
Rear Hitch BallStandard equipped
Front WinchOptional