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X Super 200

PEDA Motor is Italian brand. Ride PEDA Motor, Enjoy Italian fashion!

X Super 200 2024 version is traditional ATV QUADBIKE of PEDA MOTOR, utility all-terrain vehicle.

X Super 200 is EEC Homologation with L7e Euro5 COC certificate.

Built to endure tough conditions, PEDA X Super ATV guarantees high-quality standards while adhering to stringent environmental regulations.



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X Super 200
EngineDimension & ChassisAccessories
Silgle cylinder,oil cooling1750*1110*1120mmStandard equipped
62.5*57.8mm220mmStandard equipped
7.5KW /7000rpm (EEC limit)214kgNO
10.7Nm /6000rpm (EEC limit)6.5LOptional
Carburetor55km/h (EEC limit)Optional
CVT Automatic2WDmetal pipe standard
CDI(Front) Disc, (Rear) Disc 
10.0 : 1Front  double A arm, Rear single arm 
Forward, Neutral, Reverse Rear double supension with differential 
 Metal steel (Optional Alloy rim) 
 LED, Digital 
 Winker LED as option 


X Super 150
EngineDimension & ChassisAccessories
Silgle cylinder,air cooling1680*990*1080mmStandard equipped
57.4*57.8mm220mmStandard equipped
5.8KW /8500rpm170kgNO
8.7Nm /7000rpm 6.5LOptional
Carburetor55km/h (EEC limit)Optional
CVT Automatic2WDmetal pipe standard
CDI(Front) Disc/drum, (Rear) Disc 
9.2 : 1Front  double A arm, Rear single arm 
Forward, Neutral, ReverseNO 
 Metal steel (Optional Alloy rim) 
 LED, Digital 
 Winker LED as option 


Dragon 125
EngineDimension & ChassisAccessories
Silgle cylinder,air cooling1550*920*980mmNO
54*54mm100mmStandard equipped
6.8KW /8500rpm130kgNO
8.0Nm /7000rpm3.8LNO
Auto-clutch (foot),no manual2WDFront NO, Rear metal pipe standard
CDI(Front) Drum, (Rear) Disc 
9.0 : 1Front  / Rear Siangle arm 
4 gear,Neutral, ReverseNO 
 Metal steel 
 no Headlight 


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PEDA X Super ATV 200cc s a highly efficient and reliable off-road vehicle that satisfies all the necessary requirements of the latest European emission standards.

With its powerful 200cc engine, this ATV delivers exceptional performance and acceleration, making it suitable for both recreational and professional use. Equipped with advanced EEC Euro5 technology, this vehicle boasts improved fuel economy and reduced emissions compared to previous models.

The design of the X Super ATV ensures optimal stability and maneuverability, ensuring a comfortable ride on various terrains. Additionally, it features state-of-the-art safety features such as hydraulic disc brakes, full LED lighting system, and robust suspension components for enhanced control and rider protection.

[ specification data ]

Model X Super 200X Super 150Dragon 125
Engine TypeSilgle cylinder,oil coolingSilgle cylinder,air coolingSilgle cylinder,air cooling
Bore * Stroke62.5*57.8mm57.4*57.8mm54*54mm
Max. Power7.5KW /7000rpm (EEC limit)5.8KW /8500rpm6.8KW /8500rpm
Max. Torque10.7Nm /6000rpm (EEC limit)8.7Nm /7000rpm 8.0Nm /7000rpm
Fuel SupplyCarburetorCarburetorCarburetor
TranmsissionCVT AutomaticCVT AutomaticAuto-clutch (foot),no manual
Compression Ratio10.0 : 19.2 : 19.0 : 1
GearForward, Neutral, ReverseForward, Neutral, Reverse4 gear,Neutral, Reverse
Dimension & Chassis
Min.Ground Clearance220mm220mm100mm
Net Weight214kg170kg130kg
Fuel Capacity6.5L6.5L3.8L
Max. Speed55km/h (EEC limit)55km/h (EEC limit)40km/h
Brake(Front) Disc, (Rear) Disc(Front) Disc/drum, (Rear) Disc(Front) Drum, (Rear) Disc
Suspension (non-EEC)Front  double A arm, Rear single armFront  double A arm, Rear single armFront  / Rear Siangle arm
Suspension (EEC) Rear double supension with differentialNONO
RimMetal steel (Optional Alloy rim)Metal steel (Optional Alloy rim)Metal steel
Front Tire22*8-1021*7-1019*7.0-8
Rear Tire22*10-1020*10-1018*9.5-8
DashaboardLED, DigitalLED, DigitalNO
LightWinker LED as optionWinker LED as optionno Headlight
HandguardStandard equippedStandard equippedNO
Seat Back RestNONONO
Front Metal pipeStandard equippedStandard equippedStandard equipped
Front plastic bumperNONONO
Rear Hitch BallOptionalOptionalNO
Front WinchOptionalOptionalNO
Front/Rear carriermetal pipe standardmetal pipe standardFront NO, Rear metal pipe standard